Under 11 Surrey Prep Schools Football Cup
The Competition

Main & Plate Draws

All teams are entered into the Main Competition draw, either via the Preliminary Round or Round 1 proper (depending on the draw). Teams winning Preliminary Round matches then progress forward into Round 1. Teams winning Round 1 matches then progress into the Quarter Finals. Teams losing matches in the Preliminary Round and/or in Round 1, will then be entered into the draw for the Plate Competition. To avoid any two schools meeting again in Round 1 of the Plate Competition, it will be necessary to make a new draw for the Plate Competition at this point.

Rules & Regulations of the Competition

All players must be a bona-fide pupil of the school and must be under 11 years old on 1st September of the current academic year.

Matches shall be played at the ground of the first named team, unless alternative arrangements are made by mutual consent. Please inform the Competition Organiser if a change of venue has been agreed.

All pitches and goals used for the competition should, as far as possible, follow the dimensions recommended by IAPS and ISFA. These are as follows:

Pitches - between 50 x 30 and 60 x 40 yards
Goals - between 12 x 6 and 16 x 7 feet

Matches shall be a maximum of 20 minutes each way

A size 4 ball must be used

Teams will be 7-a-side with a maximum of 3 substitutes included in each squad. A substituted player may return to the field of play at any time (rolling substitutions).

In the event of a draw, the following procedure must be followed in each round, including the Final: A 10 minute period of extra time should be played (no half time). If the scores are still level, the result should be decided by a penalty shoot out. The first 5 penalties should only be taken by players who were on the field of play at the final whistle. 5 penalties for each team should be taken, moving on to sudden death penalties should the scores remain level. The first sudden death penalties must be taken by players who have not already taken one of the first 5. Once all players have taken one penalty, players who have already taken one, may then take a second.

Referees should remain impatial as far as possible and should refrain from coaching from the middle. If possible a neutral referee should be used for both the 1/4 and semi-finals.

Any complaints or disputes should be referred to the Competition Organiser. The Competition Organiser's decision will be final.

All results should be emailed to the Competition Organiser within 24 hours of the match taking place.


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